Market Applications

Operations and Support Services

Engineering and Technology

Portland Williams provides solutions in engineering, IT, and communications to service a wide range of applications. Our firm also performs specialty services such as simulation modeling, compliance monitoring, testing, network data security management, integrated automation process flow analysis, interactive 3D/4D space modeling, and systems integration.

Fabrication and Construction

Our experienced team of professionals are committed to providing manufacturing solutions for small and large enterprises. When clients are faced with complex challenges, we are fully engaged in solving such challenges with a team of engineers and professionals to assist at each stage of development and production.

Maintenance and Operations Support

To meet the demand of clients to maintain network reliability and asset optimization, we perform onsite and offsite remote network support and maintenance services. Additional services include upgrading existing architecture, providing support for sunsetting electronics, mechanized systems, and migration off of legacy systems.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Based on just-in-time (JIT) inventory principles, we offer customized supply chain management solutions to fit clients specific requirements. From start to finish we will source, manage, and facilitate delivery of materials and equipment to any location worldwide. Our proven sourcing and procurement methods, market intelligence and purchasing power simplifies the process.

"Building Upward"

Portland Williams engineering and technology services company